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Dr. Scott Campbell

Dr Scott Campbell San Antonio Concierge Doctor

Dr. Scott Campbell is a father of four and has been joyfully married for over 25 years. Dr. Campbell was born in the wild country of New Zealand, and at the age of 12 relocated with his family to the great state of Texas.

Scott attended the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a psychology degree in 1992. Between college and medical school, he spent a good portion of time traveling and living in Europe and New York City, where he was involved in some of the early medical research into treatments for Pediatric HIV. He then attended the University of North Texas Medical School in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Campbell graduated in 1998 in the top 10 percent of his class. 

Scott originally thought he wanted to be a surgeon and initially chose a General Surgery Residency Program at St. Luke’s in Denver, Colorado. After a year and a half, he decided his heart and skills were more in-line with an Emergency Room Residency, so he moved to Houston and attended Memorial Hermann Residency Program. Hermann Memorial is a Level 1 trauma center with over 125,000 visits a year.

After his residency, Dr. Campbell relocated to San Antonio, Texas, with his wife and began his ER career working for the Baptist Health System and enjoyed his time in the ER. He is certain the training he received in the ER enabled him to practice general medicine in a much more well-rounded fashion. Additionally, the ER taught Dr. Campbell the ability to listen to the patients he was meeting for the first time. He would intently listen to their complaints, which enabled him to become a better diagnostician. “If you listen to the patient, they are always going to give you the answer to their problems; they are always their own best advocate.”

After many years in the ER, Dr. Campbell observed the negative effects of where medical care was heading. The old-fashioned doctor-patient relationship had diminished to the point of no longer existing, and preventative medicine was not being practiced. So, in 2005, Dr. Campbell opened My Personal Physician, a concierge medical practice in San Antonio, Texas. Since then, it has been his passion to have strong, full doctor-patient relationships and practice preventative medicine wherever possible. The ability to practice medicine in the correct way, where the patient always comes first and the ability to have the time to practice smart, in-depth medicine because of a small practice size has been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Throughout Dr. Scott Campbell’s 20 years in private practice, he has seen first-hand the medical consequences of excess weight and a sedentary lifestyle. Hypertension, diabetes, and stroke are just a few of the diseases that have a direct correlation to excess weight and a sedentary lifestyle. Dr. Campbell’s desire is to apply all he has learned as a concierge physician to a Tele-Health platform to help people lose weight. Dr. Campbell believes with the right physician, guided input, supporting medical prescription management, patient accountability, nutritional adjustments, and exercise protocols, the patient will be able to improve their overall health and well-being. “I am proud to be a part of this new venture to help people live longer, fuller, healthier lives.”

903 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78209

124 E Bandera Rd., Ste. 304, Boerne, TX 78006


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